1st Amendment Rights in Action

1st Amendment Rights in Action

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Freedom of Speech
Sue's car has an anti-abortion bumper sticker.

Harold runs a blog about crimes he believes the president has committed.

A group of students wear red armbands to protest the Iranian nuclear program.

Brandy walks into a fur store and screams, "FUR IS MURDER!"

Freedom of Religion
A family places a statue of a Hindu god outside of their house.

Leah observes the Sabbath, so her boss never schedules work for her on Saturdays.

Employees are granted permission to not work during religious holidays.

Freedom of the Press
The New York Times publishes an article about NSA surveillance.

A college newspaper publishes an article criticizing a prominent professor.

The Wall Street Journal criticizes new federal regulations of the stock market.

Freedom of Assembly
A Neo-Nazi group applies for a permit to protest near a new year parade.

A group of union workers assemble outside of their factory to demand higher wages.

Freedom to Petition
University students sign a petition to gain funding for new facilities.

Citizens of Yorktown are unhappy with their mayor. They begin a petition to initiate a recall.

Right to Privacy
Only patients and their doctors have access to medical records unless given special permission.

No one can access a college students' grades unless authorized by the student.