2.5 Properties of Quadrilaterals: Truth or Lie?

2.5 Properties of Quadrilaterals: Truth or Lie?

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Quadrilaterals always have four straight sides.

All squares are also parallelograms.

All rhombuses are also parallelograms.

All quadrilaterals have interior angles that add up to 360 degrees.

All quadrilaterals have 4 vertices.

A square is both a type of rhombus and a type of rectangle.

A rhombus is a both a type of kite and a type of parallelogram.

A rhombus is a special type of kite.

A kite with all four sides the same length is a rhombus.

A trapezoid can have one pair of parallel sides.

A rectangle is a parallelogram that has 4 right angles.

Quadrilaterals are always flat shapes.

A kite has two pairs of adjacent equal sides.

All rhombuses are also rectangles.

All quadrilaterals are parallelograms.

All kites are parallelograms.

All quadrilaterals have at least one right angle.

Quadrilaterals have volume.

A rectangle is a special type of square.

A kite is a special type of rhombus.

A trapezoid is a special type of parallelogram.

Some quadrilaterals have less than four angles.

A parallelogram is a rhombus that has 4 equal sides.