Affect or Effect?

Affect or Effect?

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Frank's lack of sleep ______ his test scores.

How will rising oil prices ______ car sales?

People living in the Valley will be ______ by the heat wave.

High cholesterol can ______ the heart.

Carpooling can _____ the environment for the better.

100,000 people were _______ by the hurricane.

No one is certain how the new law will ______ the economy.

My parents did not _______ my decision to study medicine.

Were you _____ by the traffic this morning?

Scientists believe sleep ____ health in a positive way.

What was the ______ of your efforts to study?

Exercise can have a positive ______ on your mind and body.

Drowsiness is a common side ____ of cold medicine.

Your actions have a big ____ on everyone in class.

Lung cancer often occurs as an ____ of smoking cigarettes.

Did the story's ending have an _____ on your perspective?

The special _____ in the movie were amazing!

The medicine had no _____ on her symptoms.

The scary music gives the ____ that the house is haunted.

His punishment had no ____ on his behavior.