Articles: A, An, or The?

Articles: A, An, or The?

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Please wait ___ moment.

Take ___ class during the summer.

I need to buy ___ present for my mom.

Do you need ___ doctor?

He's getting ___ bike for his birthday!

I would like ___ combo meal.

There's ___ bowl of soup for you in the kitchen.

We have ___ game on Saturday.

She bought ___ ukulele.

We saw ____ elephant at the zoo.

I need ___ ice pack.

He went on ___ incredible vacation.

You have ___ open invitation.

She wants to become ___ astronaut.

____ evening with you would be wonderful.

Add ___ adjective to your sentence.

We're renting ___ apartment in the city.

Can I have ___ autograph?

I met ___ president, Barack Obama.

I was so pleased to meet ____ mayor of our city.

Did you see ___ elephant who was just rescued?

Egyptians depended on ___ Nile River.

Santa Claus lives at ___ North Pole.

Can you bring me ____ purse on my desk?

I would like ____ Daily Special Meal.

Have you ever visited ___ Middle East?

___ best type of cupcakes are red velvet.