Articles: A or An?

Articles: A or An?

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Please wait _____ second.

Do you have ____ pencil?

I have ___ brother and ___ sister.

Would you like ____ banana?

Give me ____ sheet of paper.

Find ___ book you want to read.

I bought ____ watch from Macy's.

He played ____ game on his new PS3.

She wore _____ pretty dress to the wedding.

I'm going to ____ concert.

Have _____ cookie!

___ U.S. ship came to shore.

She's buying ___ used car.

There's ____ unicorn over there!

The workers formed ___ union.

I'll meet you in ____ hour.

I need ____ answer.

Is it ____ emergency?

Give me ____ honest response.

Do you need ___ umbrella?

I would like ____ orange.

What is ___ example?

There's been ____ increase in prices.

I got ___ iPad for school.

My sister is attending ____ opera.

There's ___ urgent need for doctors.

I lost ___ earring.

___ FBI agent stopped by today.

Here's ___ ornament for your tree!

Include ___ image in your presentation.