By, Bye, or Buy?

By, Bye, or Buy?

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Brad drove ____ the tennis courts.

The book was written _____ J.K. Rowling.

Let's walk ____ Stephanie's house and see if she is home.

Can you send me an email update ____ 8:00 tonight?

My book report is over there ____ the pile of encyclopedias.

"___!" Lucy yelled as she walked across the street, back to her house.

They said _____ to everyone at the party since they had to leave early.

Can you come here and say _____ before you go?

Let's go shopping since I need to ___ new running shoes.

Every weekend, I ____ fresh pastries, coffee, organic vegetables, and homemade jam at the market.

Can you please ____ me a pack of Post-its?

I will ____ you lunch if you help me study for this test!