Confusing Words: Complement or Compliment?

Confusing Words: Complement or Compliment?

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Your shirt's color really ____ your eyes.

Lila's furniture ____ the stye of her apartment.

Certain medications do not _____ each other, so consult a doctor.

The picture frame's pattern ____ the wallpaper.

John and Terry's personalities ____ each other well.

Those leather shoes are such a nice ____ to your blazer.

Roasted potatoes _____ the soup, making for a delicious meal!

Karla likes to ____ cute outfits.

Mr. Treadwell _____ everyone's performance in class today.

She deserves a _____ for her performance in the talent show!

He showered her with ______ on their first date.

Many people _____ her rainbow hair.

Curtis gave her a _____, but she did not appreciate the attention.

Natalie received many _____ for a job well done.