Confusing Words: Farther or Further?

Confusing Words: Farther or Further?

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Drive down the road a bit _____ past the gas station.

Our team travelling ____ for the championships.

Sam hit the ball _____ than ever before!

The ____ you go, the longer it will take for you to come home.

You'll be able to jog _____ when you jog often!

The bus stop was much ____ than I expected.

Ben can swim ____ than anyone on his team.

I need to be ____ away from the cats since I'm allergic.

You must think ____ before making a decision.

If you complain ____, you will not get what you want.

You must read ___ into the book before getting to the good parts.

The ____ you study, the more you'll deepen your knowledge.

If you have any ___ questions, please let me know!

The detectives _____ investigated the crime scene, but found nothing.

Could you ____ explain the homework, please?

Demand will fall ____ due to increased prices.