Confusing Words: Less or Fewer?

Confusing Words: Less or Fewer?

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I need to eat ____ meat.

There's ____ noise on the library's 3rd floor.

Frank's room contains ____ clutter now that he's cleaned up.

The freeways have ____ traffic before 7AM.

Please use ____ butter in the cake recipe.

My run was ____ challenging today.

You will have ____ time for Friday's test.

The small living room needs a little ____ furniture.

There was ____ rain this year.

My wallet has ____ money now that I finished shopping.

I need to eat ____ M&M's.

We need to have _____ people talking during the presentation.

Kendra picked up her room, so there are _____ articles of clothing on the floor.

There are _____ cars on the road during the big game.

Can you use ____ chocolate chips?

He ran ____ miles than normal.

Your test will have ____ questions.

Let's give out ____ party favors in case more people show up.

The valleys had ____ floods.

Diane's bank account has ____ dollars since she bought a new sofa.