Confusing Words: Lie or Lay?

Confusing Words: Lie or Lay?

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My dog Sparky likes to ___ on the couch for naps.

She often ____ on a park bench and reads.

He felt dizzy and had to ____ down.

Most people ___ on their bellies for massages.

Chards of glass ___ on the floor in the alley.

____ flat on your back and relax.

Rick has to _____ on the gurney for hours.

Please ___ those books down on the counter.

Our chickens ____ eggs almost every day.

The recipe says to ____ each slice of bacon on a rack.

Before I pass out the test, please ___ all your materials on your desks.

Marcia and Cindy will ____ out all the cookie sheets.

The soldiers were asked to ____ their arms down.

At the end of the game, everyone will ____ their cards out on the table.