Confusing Words: Than or Then?

Confusing Words: Than or Then?

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Vicky likes learning Spanish more ____ learning French.

Pete has more baseball cards ___ George.

Mrs. Phillips arrived later ____ I did.

Did you like the carrot cake more ___ the chocolate cake?

Her homemade cookies were better ___ the ones I made.

Ingrid is much more patient ___ her sister.

My laptop is much faster ___ my desktop.

Sequoia trees are larger ____ all other trees.

First finish your homework, ____ we can go out for ice cream.

If you practice enough, ____ you will sound great at the recital.

Patty traveled to Thailand, ___ she went to Indonesia.

Come home, ___ I'll tell you the great news!

Lucy went hiking, ___ she encountered a bear by her car.

Linda went home, ___ she found a raccoon in her kitchen.

He drove for an hour, ___ searched for parking.

Roger bought seeds, ____ he began planting his organic garden.