Evidence of Evolution

Evidence of Evolution

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Homologous Structures
Homologous Structures
the front flipper of a dolphin and the human arm

a human hand and a dog's paw

an ape skull and a human skull

a cactus spine and red leaves on a poinsettia

a mole's foot and a cat's paw

Analogous Structures
Analogous Structures
bat wings and insect wings

the dorsal fin of a salmon and the dorsal fin of a porpoise

wings on a sparrow and wings on a dragonfly

monkey tail and gecko tail

aardvark snout and hummingbird beak

Vestigial Structures
Vestigial Structures
a human tailbone and leg bones on whales

a human appendix and a dog's dew claw

muscles that surround the human ear and wisdom teeth

a dewclaw on a cat and a dewclaw on a dog

wings on an ostrich and wings on a penguin