Physical or Chemical Change?

Physical or Chemical Change?

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Physical Change
A block of butter is cut in half.

A chunk of Play-Doh is made into the shape of a ball.

Water boils out of a teapot.

Butter melts on hot pancakes.

Water freezes to form ice cubes.

You crumple up a piece a paper.

Which happens here?

Most of the intestines has a....

Your teeth cause this...

Your stomach churning causes a...

Chemical Change
Wood is set on fire.

Milk begins to go sour.

Baking a cake.

A cracker begins to taste sweet in your mouth.

Your bike chain starts to rust.

Acid breaks down food in your stomach.

Saliva causes a....

The bile from the gallbladder causes a...

This is happening here...

Enzymes breaking carbohydrates into sugars.