Preventing Genocide during the Ten Stages (#1-5)

Preventing Genocide during the Ten Stages (#1-5)

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Stage 1: Classification
Develop universalistic institutions that transcend divisions

Actively promote tolerance and understanding

Promote a common language

Help groups find common ground

Stage 2: Symbolization
Legally forbid hate symbols and hate speech

Outlaw group marking like gang clothing or tribal markings

Denial of the symbol to deprive its meaning

Stage 3: Discrimination
Ensure full political empowerment of all groups

Give citizenship rights for all groups in society

Individuals should have the right to sue the state, corporations, and other individuals if their rights are violated

Stage 4: Dehumanization
Make hate speech culturally unacceptable

Shut down media that broadcasts hate speech

Promptly punish hate crimes

Ban hate propaganda

Stage 5: Organization
Outlaw membership in militias

Leaders of genocidal groups should be denied foreign travel

U.N. should impose arms embargoes