Problem Solving

Problem Solving

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The sum of 2,393 and 46.

What is the total word count?

The sum of all dice rolled

Three pairs of jeans cost $33, $20, and $30. What is the cost altogether?

A bedroom measures 144 sq. ft. The bathroom is 45 sq .ft., and the kitchen is 90 sq. ft. What is the combined sq. footage?

combined, total, altogether, in all...

How many more people like kiwi than grapes?

The difference of 499 and 102

You scored 89% on your first test and 95% on your second test. How much did your score increase?

Mr. Gariepy is 5'10" and Mrs. Gariepy is 5'2". How much taller is Mr. Gariepy than his wife?

more than, fewer than, difference...

Mr. Gariepy reads 3 pages per minute. How many pages can he read in 1 hour?

A classroom has 6 tables with 6 chairs at each table. How many chairs are there?

The average person blinks 17 times per minute. How many times will you blink today?

What is the area of 6 foot by 15 foot path?

The product of 93 and 6.

A coach divides his players into 5 teams. Each team has 4 players. How many players are on the team?

each, groups of, per, for every...

Farmer John has 192 chickens. Each of his chicken coops holds 64 chickens. How many coops does Farmer John have?

Mike's Deli sold 128 ham sandwiches this week. How many sandwiches did Mike's Deli sell per day?

Emily wants to make 1,000 paper cranes. She can make 8 paper cranes per day. How many days will it take Emily to reach her goal?

Find the value of the expression.

The quotient of 6 and 32

each, per, average, shared equally...