Run-on Sentences

Run-on Sentences

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Correct Sentence
The sun is shining, so wear sunblock.

I had dinner at a restaurant on Main Street, near City Hall.

Having a pet, whether it's a dog or a fish, is a big responsibility.

My best friend plays the piano, violin, and guitar.

Do your chores, then I'll take you out for dinner.

The concert starts at 5:00, and you need to arrive early.

She looked beautiful in her wedding dress and jewelry.

I need to run because I'm going to be late again!

My teacher was absent today, so we had a substitute.

Please back up carefully and don't hit the curb.

Run-on Sentence
The sun is shining, wear a hat, drink water.

The computer doesn't have a manual it doesn't make sense to me.

We ate fried chicken, salad, we went bowling, we stayed out late.

Arrive at the concert on time, she'll be mad if you miss the beginning!

I love playing baseball I would play everyday if possible.

Don't be tardy you'll get detention.

She loved traveling in Europe she thought Rome was too warm.

Titanic is my favorite movie, I love eating popcorn.

I bake cakes, cookies, I cook pasta.

Ride your bike to the corner make a left at the stop sign.