Simile or Metaphor?

Simile or Metaphor?

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The fireworks are as loud as thunder.

Sam slept like a log.

Gina runs as fast as lightning.

He eats like a pig.

My throat is as dry as a bone.

My father is as fearless as a lion.

Her insults hit me like bullets.

Her face was red like a tomato.

He followed her like a sad puppy.

The lifeguard swam like a fish into the ocean.

Dana's smile is as bright as sunlight.

My memory is like swiss cheese; there are a lot of holes.

Mary spoke with her velvet voice.

The cat's fur was a blanket of warmth.

His stomach is a bottomless pit.

After the funeral, he drowned in a sea of grief.

She was on a roller coaster of emotions.

My father is the rock of our family.

You are the light of my life!

Mr. Lowe was boiling mad.

I was lost in a sea of unfamiliar faces.

Her room was a prison when she got into trouble.

The homework assignment was a breeze.

Take a moment to digest the bad news.