Simple, Complex, or Compound Sentence?

Simple, Complex, or Compound Sentence?

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Simple Sentence
Jamie and Hector like to study late at night.

Zoey craves chocolate cake for her birthday.

Dad drove around the block for a parking spot.

We played Pictionary and Monopoly together.

Peter adopted a golden retriever.

Carrie and I baked cookies.

Sam borrowed a pencil and a marker.

My favorite color is lime green.

Complex Sentence
When he turned in his essay, he forget to attack the last page.

The teacher returned the essay after she realized it was incomplete.

I baked cookies because there is a bake sale tomorrow.

When she knew she would be late, she called to tell them.

Because Greg needed help, he stayed for tutoring.

Britney used the elevator since she had a broken leg.

After they finished cooking, Maria and Edgar had a nice meal.

By the time they were ready to leave, the movie already started.

Compound Sentence
Gina played soccer, and Frank played hockey.

I caught the flu, so Ben went fishing alone.

I tried to speak Spanish, and Marcus tried to understand.

Frank likes to swim, and Kurt likes to run.

I painted a ceramic bowl, and he painted a ceramic mug.

Last year we went to Hawaii, and this year we're going to Florida.

Our team won the championship, and we went out to celebrate.

We planted roses, and our neighbors planted tulips.