There, Their, They're

There, Their, They're

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The dog ran over _____.

____ is my favorite sweater!

I went ____ for vacation.

Turn ____ before parking your car.

____ are five presents under the tree.

Leave your shoes over _____.

_____ you are!

____ family members are visiting.

Give them back ____ belongings.

Do you have _____ food?

_____ textbooks cost a fortune!

____ birthdays are next week.

They went back to ____ house.

____ pets are so noisy!

____ going to Hawaii for vacation.

For dinner, ___ having rice and beans.

____ learning about World War II in class.

___ late for practice again.

Tomorrow, _____ leaving for a camping trip.

___ getting scholarships for college.

Since ____ early, they have more time to prepare.