To, To, or Two?

To, To, or Two?

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Go ___ bed!

Are you going ___ the dance?

I had ___ get some bandaids.

Sandy is going ___ the park.

He passed the ball ____ his teammate.

My family goes ____ Florida every winter.

I want ___ be an astronaut when I grow up.

Please give the bag ___ Ms. Clover.

I'm going. Are you going, _____?

She would like a new pair of shoes ____.

I am ___ tired to run.

This shirt is ___ big!

You're ____ short to ride the rollercoaster.

This chocolate is ___ sweet.

This bracelet is ___ expensive.

Do you think I'm ____ picky?

Emily is ____ years old.

We'll have ____ milkshakes please.

I have ___ brothers and one sister.

You received ____ packages in the mail.

She has ____ minutes until the train leaves.

_____ hours later, we arrived.

One, ______, three, four.

My parents have been married for ____ decades.