Types of Sentences

Types of Sentences

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Statement - tells.
Sal and Oswald were in class.

She just held up the flag.

Sal has the best desk in the class.

Let's stand up and stretch like blossoms.

Golly crashed into Lily and licked her.

Golly snatched the lunch bag and ran off.

Question - asks.
Where is Oswald?

Will Oswald help Sal?

Who is on this bus?

Where is my desk?

Did you see the blossoms on her glasses?

Do you like my wish Ms. Blossom?

Exclamatory - shouts.
Good job! I'm so proud!

It's alive! It's alive!

I'm done with homework!

Here she comes!

Wow, that's an exciting plan!

I hope you win!

Ellipsis - used to show an unfinished thought.
And when you do the best you can, you wil...

I am wondering...

I wasn't really... I didn't mean it.

Shelly thought... and thought.

You mean... I... we have a test today?

I never thought...