Your or You're?

Your or You're?

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What's _____ name?

____ sisters are arriving soon!

Can you write down ____ phone number?

____ homework needs to be turned in on Friday.

When is ____ birthday?

Please give me ____ basketball.

_____ best friend came to visit you.

Can I borrow ____ computer?

Let's try it ______ way.

_____ car is parked across the street.

I'll be there for _____ game!

____ team played a tough game!

Turn off ____ phone before the test.

Go to _____ room.

______ going to school early tomorrow.

_____ my best friend!

Do you think _____ playing?

_____ the winner of the Spelling Bee!

Turn right, then _____ going to park in the driveway.

Tell them _____ excited for the party!

_____ fun, hard-working, and smart.

____ crazy, you can't do that!

_____ late!

____ the winner!

____ the only one who got 100%.

____ a good influence on her.

Did you know ____ the best?

Can you tell me when _____ arriving?