1st Grade

Playlist: 1st Grade

By BrainRush

Everything from sight words to phonics, adding to subtracting, this playlist offers Common Core-aligned BrainRushes for first graders.

Check back often as we are always adding more first grade BrainRushes for you to explore!

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Uppercase or Lowercase Letter?
Short or Long Vowels
Word Pattern Sort: Short A or Long A?
Word Pattern Sort: Short i or Long i?
Word Pattern Sort: Short E or Long E?
Word Pattern Sort: Short O or Long O?
Word Pattern Sort: Short U or Long U?
Sight Words: 1st Grade, 1 of 4
Sight Words: 1st Grade, 2 of 4
Sight Words: 1st Grade, 3 of 4
Sight Words: 1st Grade, 4 of 4
Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends (Cl, Cr, Dr)
Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends (Th, Br, Bl)
Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends (Sw, St, Tr)
Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends (Ch, Sh, Wh)
Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends (Sl, Sn, Sp)
Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends (Pr, Pl, Sc/Sk)
Phonics: Initial Consonant Blends (Gl, Gr, Fl, Fr)
Sort Plural Endings: -s or -es?
End Punctuation
Common Words: Colors, Clothes, or Shapes?
Verb Tense Past & Present
Past, Present, or Future Tense?
Sing, sings, or singing
Replace Weak Verbs with Stronger Verbs
Fact or Opinion?
Coordinating Conjunctions
How many syllables?
Prepositional Phrases
Common or Proper Nouns?
Articles: A or An?
Articles: A, An, or The?
Informational Text Features
Geometric Shapes - Basic
Composite Shapes - Basic
Place Value, 10s
Place Value, 11-19
1 More Than
1 Less Than
Telling Time, Half-hour
10 More Than
Find the Missing Number
Subtracting Within 10
10 Less Than
Addition Practice, 1
Addition Practice, 3
Find the Missing Addend 2
Adding 3 Numbers
Subtracting Within Ten
Adding Within 20
Addition Practice, 4
Find the Missing Addend
Subtraction Practice, 2
Subtraction Practice, I
Addition Practice, 6
Addition Practice, 5
Addition Practice, 2