5th Grade

Playlist: 5th Grade

By BrainRush

We know 5th graders are awesome. Here's a bit of everything to establish a strong foundation for them: Common Core-aligned games in language arts and math, lots of practice with geography, and more!

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Parts of Speech Definitions
What's the part of speech?
Informational Text Features
Replace Dull Words with Expressive Words #1
Replace Dull Words with Expressive Words #2
Six Verb Tenses in English
Where do the commas belong? (5th grade)
Replace Weak Verbs with Stronger Verbs
Active or Passive Voice
Sentences: Key Vocabulary
Types of Sentences
Sentence or Fragment?
Articles: A or An?
Articles: A, An, or The?
Should I use "I" or "me"?
Literary Terms
Types of Figurative Language
Simile or Metaphor?
Literal vs. Nonliteral Language
Greek & Latin Root Words 1
Greek & Latin Root Words 2
Common Prefixes 1
Common Prefixes 2
Common Suffixes
Suffixes Galore!
Using Precise Language
Word Relationships
There, Their, They're
To, To, or Two?
Your or You're?
Its or It's
Who's, Whose, or Whom?
Literary Devices
Synonyms Match 1
Synonyms Match 2
Synonyms Match 3
Antonyms - Basic
Antonyms - Intermediate
Antonyms - Advanced
Idioms 1
Idioms 2
Idioms 3
Actions in the 5 Step Writing Process
Are the parentheses in the correct place?
What order of operations was performed?
Modeling Division of Unit Fractions and Wholes
Sorting Math Word Phrases by Operation
Word Phrases: Divide Fractions & Whole Numbers
Match the Model to the Word Problem
Match the Model & Equation to the Word Problem
Dividing Unit Fractions by Whole Numbers
Dividing Whole Numbers by Unit Fractions
Decimals: Match Number Names to Numbers
Place Value, Ones to Trillions
Place Value, Hundredths to Millions
Decimals in Expanded Form
Scientific Notation Practice
Decimal Measurements
Compare Decimals Using Place Value Knowledge
Compare Decimals Using Place Value Knowledge, 2
Convert Common Fractions to Decimals
Number of Decimal Places in the Final Answer
Math Word Phrases to Numerical Expressions
Multiply Decimal Numbers by 10, 100 and 1000
Parts of the Coordinate Plane
5th Grade Geometry Vocabulary: 2D Figures
Properties of Quadrilaterals: Truth or Lie?
Quadrilaterals: Always, Sometimes, or Never True?
Properties of Triangles: Truth or Lie?
Classifying Triangles
Classifying Isosceles and Scalene Triangles
US State Capitals - Western
US State Capitals - Eastern
US States - Western
US States - Eastern
US State Capitals - Western
US State Capitals - Eastern
Major US Geographic Features
Continents and Oceans
North and Central America
American Revolution Key Events 1750-1800
Founders of American Colonies
Founding Fathers