6th, 7th, 8th Grades: Mathematics

Playlist: 6th, 7th, 8th Grades: Mathematics

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Mutually Exclusive, Overlapping & Opposite Events
Probability: Independent vs. Dependent Events
Probability: Independent vs. Dependent Events
Probability: Simple vs. Compound Events
Probability of Simple Events
Mean, Median, Mode, Range
Volume of Prisms and Cylinders
The Slope of a Function
Linear vs. Nonlinear with Graphs
Ratios and Proportions
Understanding Positive and Negative Exponents
Multiplication and Division with Exponents
Decimals and Fractions
Dividing Two Fractions Using Models
Math Word Phrases
Horizontal/Vertical Graphs
Choose the First Step Needed to Solve for x
Solving Simple Equations (×/÷)
Perform the First Operation for n=2
Parallel or Perpendicular
Properties of Addition and Multiplication
Sort Ordered Pairs into Quadrants
Reflecting Points on the Coordinate Plane
Recognizing Factors of Some Whole Numbers
Lowest Common Denominator (LCD)
Use Greatest Common Factor to Express a Sum
Greatest Common Factor (GCF)
Least Common Multiple (LCM), V1
Greatest Common Factor (GCF) Practice
Find the Reciprocal
Dividing Two Fractions
Positive or Negative
Practice: Subtracting to Yield a Negative
Comparing Integers
Practice w/ Negative #s: Multiply Two Negatives
Practice w/ Negative #s: Multiply by One Negative
Expanding Whole Number Exponents
Evaluating Expressions w/ Integer Exponents
Equivalent Exponents
Equivalent Exponents, V2
Exponents to Know by Heart: Common Squares
Some Exponents to Know by Heart: Bases 2 & 3
More Exponents to Know by Heart
Base 10 Exponents
Simplify by Applying Rules of Exponents (MS)
Simplify by Applying Rules of Exponents
Recognizing Square Roots of Some Perfect Squares
Perfect Square or Perfect Cube?
Estimating Square Roots
Scientific Notation Practice
Scientific Notation Practice, from Standard Form
Factor Trees
Math Word Phrases to Numerical Expressions
Parts of an Expression: Term, Coefficient, Factor
Relationship b/t Parts of an Expression
Divisibility Rules
Applying Divisibility Rules
US Measurement Conversions
Number Opposites
Ordering Integers
What's My Sign? (Add & Subtract w/ Integers)
What's My Sign? (Multiply & Divide w/ Integers)
Add and Subtract w/ Integers - Practice
Classifying Rational and Irrational Numbers
The Distance Between Two Points
Identifying Ratios
Types of Ratios
Is the slope positive, negative, 0 or undefined?
Match the Linear Equation to the Graph
Linear Function or Not?
Area of Quadrilaterals
Area of Triangles
Identifying Nets of 3-D Shapes
Sorting Nets for the Cube
Find Total Area by Adding the Faces
Identifying Angle Relationships
Applying Angle Relationships
Using Angle Relationships to Find Unknown Angles
Geometric Cross Sections